Economic Development

At HWF, we strengthen and provide support to enhance the capacity of youth and women to govern their own programs and to constructively engage with other actors in enhancing their economic dependence in society. We encourage the youth and women to engage in micro enterprises, i.e. establishing small businesses such as fish ponds, poultry production, small-scale tea cultivation, dairy sales, garbage collection, and brick making. We also advocate for youth to conduct community service with a focus on environmental conservation and also reinforcing messages and activities to promote peaceful resolution of conflict.

We work with Women, youth groups and community based organizations to strengthen and empower them through, entrepreneurial and agribusiness by imparting knowledge to them, i.e. capacity building trainings, providing resources to meet their income generating activities, and creating demand and market for agribusiness on their various activities.

Our aim is to provide access and utilization of local, regional and global market, intelligence to leverage on Agriculture, Water and Sanitation, that promotes sustainable economic development for the marginalized women and youth in Kenya.

Enhanced socio-economic power for teenagers through skills transfer and increased and diversified job opportunities.

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