Executive Director Message


Thank you for visiting the HWF website. We are honored that you are here. We hope you will find all the information here valuable. We are a non-profit organization established in the year 2003 with the idea of wanting to bring positive transformation to the most vulnerable in Kenya in areas of Water and Environmental Sanitation, Education, School Health and Economic empowerment, At HWF, we’re not about charity, we’re about investment: investment in our children, in their communities, in their futures; an investment that can bring returns in health, education, economic stability, advocacy; investment that leads to the kind of impact that meet the very needs of our targeted beneficiaries who are the vulnerable children, women and children. We offer training and capacity opportunities that inspire women and youth to integrate their economies and right power for positive change in their own lives and their surrounding communities.

We believe that the youth and women bring a unique voice to the health, values, and economic resources. Since our formation in 2003, we have undertaken various projects with help from International and local donors that have provided opportunities and inspiration for the vulnerable children through providing access to quality education, access to clean water and sanitation facilities; women and youth through providing capacity to access income generating activities as a central dynamic of their journey towards economic dependence. We have also encourage the community we reach by encouraging them to identify economic dependence. Our initiative going forward is to focus specifically on the Water and Sanitation Hygiene, Education, School health and Economic Empowerment.

Please take a moment to think about what this venue means to you and consider becoming a supporter of our projects which will have a great impact to the most vulnerable and by considering a donation to the HWF’s program. Our stewardship of this organization for the most vulnerable depends on you. You can depend on us to ensure that quality, accessibility, and sustainability remain our focus.

Evans Misati James,
Executive Director

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