School health program

Health and Water Foundation (HWF) actively carries out its programs in Nyamira and Isiolo Counties in Kenya. Towards the School health program in Nyamira and Isiolo counties:

HWF has been able to notably improve the health care provisions in Nyamira county thanks to Intervita’s support, through constructing a modern maternity wing fully equipped with maternity beds and medical equipment’s in Manga District Hospital, this being the only Hospital in the District serving the Manga population, this construction of the maternity wing was to address the shortage of access to maternity care to mothers and pregnant women who for a long time had to get the maternal services either through traditional Birth Attendants(TBAs) or travel long distances to Kisii District Level 5 Hospital for maternity care, the maternity wing has significantly improved the maternal health  care at the Manga District Hospital by improving the accessibility of maternal health care services to women of reproductive age in Manga.

HWF is also engaged in addressing malaria and waterborne diseases, turberculosis, measles and gastroenteritis among school-going children in Nyamira County. In addressing this HWF through Intervita’s support, has been conducting  annual medical check-ups  to school going children in over 18 primary schools in Nyamira County. In  collaboration with doctors and physicians specialized in different medical fields  and with local medical personnel from local dispensaries, HWF has been conducting the annual medical check-ups  in schools by visiting the pupils, conducting medical examinations , treating minor sickness and referring major sickness to appropriate hospitals.

Supply of piped water is limited to a few market centres in Manga District, in order to address this, HWF has through Intervita’s support notably constructed a borehole providing safe and adequate water serving the Manga District Hospital and the Manga Market, the borehole is connected to 10 water kiosks serving the Manga residents and managed by disabled people as a way of providing them means of livelihood. Also over 12 water springs in Manga District has been protected and fenced. More than 40 primary schools in Manga, Kisii and Nyamira Districts have been provided with water tanks and water harvesting facilities. Gender Sensitive toilets equipped with hand washing facilities have been constructed in over 50 primary schools in Nyamira and Isiolo Counties

Among HWF major aims is to improve the health conditions of the children and the population in target areas by guaranteeing access to medical care and improve health and hygiene. HWF is involved in sensitizing diverse stakeholders in Nyamira and Isiolo Counties towards the reduction of endermic disease affecting school going children i.e malaria and waterborne diseases  by both offering trainings and increasing awareness on HIV/AIDS by providing continuous training in the schools, in the dispensaries to mothers, and to MARPS (most at risk populations) such as truck and matatu drivers and.

In summary HWF has been able to reach out through its activities and programs with funds from local and international donors, the greatest part coming from Intervita to:

  • Over 40 primary schools in Kisii, Manga and Nyamira Districts,10 primary schools in Isiolo district– through school health program by improving hygiene and sanitation conditions i.e. provision of hand washing facilities, provision of gender sensitive latrines with changing rooms for girls, provision of sanitary towels, training to school going children on PHAST and PHASE , promotion of education (including early childhood education) and combating of malaria and waterborne diseases in the targeted schools.
  • Health centres in Nyamira county, and hospital notably Manga District Hospital – through constructing a maternity wing in Manga District hospital, Nyamira County to serve the welfare of mothers and infants, promotion of HIV/AIDs campaigns, construction and rehabilitation of community resource centres, promotion of Water and environmental sanitation.
  • Immediate and Surrounding communities to above targeted groups through advocacy on water and hygiene, advocacy on school health, education and HIV/AIDs and notably provision of access to adequate drinking water to Manga residents by constructing the Manga borehole connected to 10 water kiosks.
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